Registration is now open for The Short Intensive Course Program between UTokyo and SNU - Water Surface Waves & Economic evaluation of R&D project


The following Intensive collaborative lecture between the College of Engineering, Seoul National University and Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo will be held online for three days (The final exam is on a different day).

(Faculty) FEN-CO5966L2 International Collaborators' Lecture on Engineering VII
(Graduate School) 3799-386 International Collaborators' Special Lecture on Engineering XV
【Lecture Title】Water Surface Waves (January 26-28, 2022)

(Graduate School only) 3799-387 International Collaborators' Special Lecture on Engineering XIV
【Lecture Title】Economic evaluation of R&D project (January 24-26, 2022)

For more information, please visit the website at the following URL:

Broad participation in this lecture is welcome, so we appreciate your cooperation in sharing this information.

Monday, October 4. 21A Online Information Session: (Special) International Collaborative Practice


Students are invited to register for the new (Special) International Collaborative Practice series of courses in the 2021A Semester. The following course are being offered under this initiative:

- Computer-Assisted Language Learning〜Theories and Content Development〜
- International Satellite Design Project
- Teleoperated robots: the basics of design, fabrication, and control
- International Understanding and Communication
- International Collaborative Practice X: Nihonbashi Smart City Urban Design

To learn more, join the (Special) International Collaborative Practice online information session!
Date: October 4th, 2021 (Mon)
Time: 18:45 -20:20
The Zoom URL for the information session can be accessed from the following URL. To access this link, you need to login with your ECCS account.

For more information, click here (pdf).

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