Special English Lessons (SEL)

Last updated: 2024/3/27


Special English Lessons (SEL)

The “Special English Lessons (SEL)” program was started by the School of Engineering in 2005, aiming to improve the English skills of 3rd and 4th-year undergraduates through lessons provided by several private English schools. Since April 2010, SEL is open to all UTokyo students and staff. Four schools provide conversation courses and one school provides TOEFL(R) preparation courses, all under supervision of Institute for Innovation in International Engineering Education (IIIEE), School of Engineering. Aimed at students, the courses are reasonably priced and the lessons take place on-campus, after the regular university lectures.

In the conversation courses, students can develop their English skills for participation in international conferences through practicing presentations and free talking with native instructors. Preparation through instruction by professionals will lead not only to a successful result in the exam, but also encourage students to pursue a study or internship abroad.

From the start SEL students have been eager to learn and the attendance rate has been around 80%. In addition, around 80% of the participants answered in the questionnaires that they would recommend SEL to their friends.

Over the years, SEL has shown to be an effective way to help students master English, which opens the door to the international community.

=== About Teachers' Assistants ===

Contact:utokyo.sel[at] (please change [at] to @)

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