Garden of English

Last updated: 2021/10/6


Garden of English

Garden of English is an extracurricular program for UTokyo students, researchers, and staff members who want to improve and maintain their conversation skills in English. Are you an international student at UTokyo who speaks English fluently? If so, please apply for the TA position :-) We will put a notice about the TA positions on this website when we recruit new TAs.

TA Wanted for 2021A Semester:


Let's have a chat in English with UTokyo international students!

What's "Garden of English"?

Basic information

✓ English conversation program for UTokyo students, researchers, and staff members

✓ Free of charge

✓ Conducted online via Zoom

✓ A session is about 15-30 minutes

✓ A pair of TAs will talk with one guest or a pair of guests who know each other

✓ You can chat in any other languages if everyone in the Garden agrees to do so

✓ No teaching of English (or other languages)

How to join the Garden *You need your university account (

3 steps!

1. Check the calendar below for the TAs' available dates and times (there are two TA pairs)

2. Click the date and time of your preference on the calendar, and enter your name and email address to book the session
*You can use a nickname
*If you'd like to consult with us before booking, please email us(Contact

3. When it's time, join the Garden via Zoom. The details will be sent to you upon your booking
*You need your university account ( to join the meeting
*After you leave the Garden, please access the questionnaire (you can find the link in the email sent upon your booking) and give us your feedback on your experience

Session calendar and booking (Available after late October)

Introduction of TA (Available after late October)

The TAs are friendly and can accommodate a wide range of guests, from those who need courage to speak English to those who can speak English well. Please broaden your experience by interacting with the TAs of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Please respect each other and enjoy your exchange!

Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions or inquiries.


Garden of English, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Office: Rm.324 via 2nd floor, Eng.Bldg.No.8, Hongo
Phone: 03-5841-2323(Ms. Nemoto)

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