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1. Fundamental philosophies for globalization within the School of Engineering, and the role of the Division of Global Education

The Division of Global Education aims to eliminate all kinds of barriers to international research activities and education in the School of Engineering.

2. Action Plan

To Reinforce English Education for Graduate and Undergraduate Students in the Faculty/School of Engineering

To Promote Global Education for Graduate and Undergraduate Students in the Faculty/School of Engineering

To Develop and Offer Courses and Programs to Improve Skills for International Communication

Reinforcement of English Education for Graduate and Undergraduate Students in the Faculty/School of Engineering

Enabling International Students to participate in lectures and exercises using English as a common language is essential for not only achieving effective education, but also for attracting outstanding individuals from around the world. Furthermore, lectures in English are actively promoted as a means of cultivating in Japanese students (or International Students who are more adept at Japanese than English) the ability to understand, communicate, and express themselves in English. English Literacy Education Curricula (e.g., technical writing, presentations, discussions) are provided for Japanese Students as a means of supporting participation in English lectures.

Promotion of Global Education for Graduate and Undergraduate Students in the Faculty/School Engineering

International conferences held each year at the University of Tokyo Hongo Campus attract many participants from a wide range of academic fields. The School of Engineering has established the SE-UT International Symposium Series to provide support for international conferences held on campus by School Faculty or groups. Furthermore, in order to provide Japanese students with more opportunities to interact with International students, we will strengthen related functions through information exchanges and collaboration among our affiliated schools and universities overseas.

3. Global Education in the School of Engineering

As a base for international education and research, the continuous promotion of globalization is a basic policy of the School of Engineering. Here, we outline the School's philosophy and goals regarding internationalization, and several of the activities being undertaken as of January 2003 as part of a specific Action Plan.

Aiming to be a base for research and education that is open to the world

The University of Tokyo is expected to play an important role as one of the world's key bases for education and research in the context of an international society in the 21st century. The School of Engineering also hopes to contribute to achieving this goal through a fundamental reevaluation of the operations of its organizations, and of its education and research systems. Following are the School's basic philosophies regarding internationalization.

Based on these philosophies, the following organizational goals for the School of Engineering have been established.

The Faculty and Students of the School of Engineering are already involved in diverse international activities on a day-to-day basis. With the goal of becoming a base for research and education that breaks down all forms of barriers and is truly open to the world, the School established the Global Ware Project (GWP) Committee in May 2002, which has met nine times to conduct various studies. A wide range of specific issues have been raised at these meetings, including education for International Students, systems for supporting overseas research and education activities by Japanese Faculty and Students, acceptance of Foreign Researchers, support systems for living in Japan, systems for implementing international research exchange, and transmission of information throughout the world. In order to move these issues into the implementation stage, the School has established an office of the GWP, and has put out a call for faculty to be on staff in this office.The faculty members of the office have been involved in the promotion of these activities on a full-time basis.

History of Division of Global Education

June 2002:
The Global Ware Project (GWP) Committee was established
November 2002:
The office of Global Ware Project was established
April 2004:
The 2nd GWP Committee was established
April 2005:
The Office of GWP was reorganized as part of Center for Innovation in Engineering Education established
September 2018:
The Office of GWP was reorganized as Center for Global Education
April 2020:
The Office of Center for Global Education and the Japanese Language Class were reorganized as Division of Global Education
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