(Advanced) Academic Writing & (Advanced) Academic Presentation

Last updated: 2024/3/13


(Advanced) Academic Writing & (Advanced) Academic Presentation

We offer academic English courses to undergraduate and graduate students to foster global leadership. Students will learn the basics of academic writing, listen to a lecture on how to give an academic presentation, and put the knowledge into practice by writing a research article and giving a mock conference presentation.

We offer four academic English courses: Academic Writing (S1), Academic Presentation (S2), Advanced Academic Writing (A1), and Advanced Academic Presentation (A2). Academic Writing (S1) is open to both fourth-year and graduate students from all faculties and schools. Advanced Academic Writing (A1) is offered in English and is open to graduate students from all schools.

Please note that Academic Writing (S1) and Advanced Academic Writing (A1) are prerequisite courses for Academic Presentation (S2) and Advanced Academic Presentation (A2), respectively.

More information about these courses is available on UTAS and UTOL. For academic writing and presentation resources, visit the ERIC (English wRIting Consultant) page:

Contact:ees.seut[at] (please change [at] to @)

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