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Academic presentation

Last updated: 2021/3/22

English wRIting Consultant (ERIC)

To prepare a good academic presentation you must consider these questions:

Who Who are you presenting to? What are their backgrounds (interests, knowledge of the subject)
Why Why do you present to them?
What Based on the above, decide what you are going to present. Know it in detail, but don’t try to present everything from your paper.
When Know the schedule before, during, and after your presentation
Where Know where the room is and what kind of room it is

    There are three elements that will make your presentation successful:
  1. Logical structure
  2. Delivery
  3. Visuals


The contents of your presentation are as important as the way you deliver it. Remember that your attitude and your body language are essential parts of your presentation.

Eye contact

Eye contact is essential to establish a relationship with the audience, looking reliable and professional. It also allows you to get immediate feedback by observing the audience reactions.

Things to avoid


When preparing for an academic presentation you have to be very careful about the visuals you will use. Here are some small tips to prepare.

Use your slides to reiterate the message of your presentation. People are more likely to remember what they see and hear.

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